Data Reliability and Reduction Efficiency in Big Data Era

Speaker:  Professor Xubin He
          Department of Computer and Information Sciences
          Temple University

Title:   "Data Reliability and Reduction Efficiency in Big Data Era"

Date:    Tuesday; 30 April 2024

Time:    2:30pm - 3:30pm

Venue:   Room 2405 (via lift 17/18), HKUST


In the era of big data, huge amount of data has been generated and needs
to be stored, processed, and transferred efficiently. With the emergence
of big data, traditional storage systems face many new challenges, among
them are data reliability and storage reduction efficiency.

In this talk, I will first discuss the big data challenges and then share
our exploration in data reliability and reduction, specifically in two
aspects: 1) Understanding, modeling, and exploring lossy compression
schemes for large scale scientific data; 2) Investigating and developing
techniques for reliable data storage.


Dr. Xubin He is a Professor in the Department of Computer and Information
Sciences at Temple University. He is also the Director of the Storage
Technology and Architecture Research (STAR) lab. Dr. He received his PhD
in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Rhode
Island, USA in 2002 and both his MS and BS degrees in Computer Science
from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, in 1997 and
1995, respectively.  His research interests focus on data storage and I/O
systems, including big data, cloud storage, Non-Volatile Storage, and
scalability for large storage systems. He has published more than 100
refereed articles in prestigious journals such as IEEE Transactions on
Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), Journal of Parallel and
Distributed Computing (JPDC), ACM Transactions on Storage, and IEEE
Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC), and at various
international conferences, including USENIX FAST, USENIX ATC, Eurosys,
is the program co-chair for ccGRID'2024, IPCCC'2017, ICPADS'2016,
MSST'2010, general co-chair for IEEE NAS'2009, and general vice co-chair
for IPCCC'2018. Dr. He has served as a proposal review panelist for NSF
and a committee member for many professional conferences in the field. Dr.
He was a recipient of the ORAU Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement
Award in 2004, the TTU Chapter Sigma Xi Research Award in 2010 and 2005,
TTU ECE Most Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award in 2010, and VCU ECE
Outstanding Research Faculty in 2015. He holds one U.S. patent. He is a
senior member of the IEEE, a member of the IEEE Computer Society, and