Designing Networked Graphics Systems for Fully Mobile Hyperrealistic Telepresence

Speaker:  Kyungjin Lee
          Seoul National University

Title:  "Designing Networked Graphics Systems for Fully Mobile
         Hyperrealistic Telepresence"

Date:   Thursday; 7 March 2024

Time:   11:00am - 12 noon

Venue:  Room 2405 (via lift 17/18), HKUST


Hyper-realistic telepresence is a futuristic platform that seamlessly
integrates physical and virtual realities. It involves i) creating a
realistic digital representation of the real world through precise capture
and three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction, ii) sharing the representation
with multiple users, and iii) providing seamless and immersive
interactions. By making this platform accessible to everyday users, we can
revolutionize our lives and open up new possibilities. Long-distance
couples and families can feel like they are living, eating, chatting, and
going on walks together as we would in our daily lives.

In this talk, I will introduce a holistic software system design approach
towards building such a platform. Realizing this platform entails multiple
challenges, including streaming gigabytes of 3D data over the wireless
network and the heavy computational overhead of generating, compressing,
and rendering hyper-realistic 3D content on resource-constrained mobile
devices. The systems I built tackle these challenges with end-to-end
system architecture design based on fine-grained workload characterization
and novel cross-layer and user-aware optimization methods.


Kyungjin Lee is a Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Science and Engineering
Department at Seoul National University. Her primary research area is
mobile computing, with intersections in computer vision and graphics,
wireless networks, and human-computer interaction. She has authored
numerous papers presented at top-tier international conferences in
computer science, including ACM MobiCom, IEEE INFOCOM, ACM CHI, and ACM
SIGGRAPH. Her work is recognized by the 2023 Google Ph.D. Fellowship in
Mobile Computing.