A Road Towards an Interaction between Cyber Security and AIGC

Speaker: Prof. Yang Liu
         Nanyang Technological University

Title:  "A Road Towards an Interaction between Cyber Security and AIGC"

Date:   Monday, 20 May 2024

Time:   3:00pm - 4:00pm

Venue:  Room 4580 (via lift 27/28), HKUST


AIGC and cyber security entails the systematic integration of security
testing throughout all phases of the software development process. The
objective is to automate the security expertise of human professionals by
employing tools, thereby enabling early identification and resolution of
security concerns during the early phase of the development life cycle.
However, its effectiveness greatly relies on the capabilities of
intelligent tools to simulate or potentially replace security experts.
With the emergence of LLM, a new means to accomplish this objective is now
available. In this presentation, I will discuss recent endeavors in
utilizing LLM within the realm of application security, to cover the
complete life cycle of the vulnerability analysis: vulnerability
detection, diagnosis, POC generation and repair.

On the other hand, LLM's security is equally important to make sure the
successful deployment of the AI applications. In this direction, we will
demonstrate the latest research works regarding the aOack surface of LLM,
blackbox/whitebox aOack generation for prompt injection, aOacks for
multi-modality models, backdoor aOacks, and possible defense mechanism.

Finally, we are looking at the integration of the two aspects to develop
an AI-enabled plaSorm for application security analysis.


Dr. Liu Yang is currently a full professor in Nanyang Technological
University, director of the cybersecurity lab, and Executive Director of
CyberSG R&D Programme Office (CRPO). In 2019, he received the University
Leadership Forum Chair professorship at NTU, the President's Chair in

Dr. Liu specializes in software engineering, cybersecurity and artificial
intelligence. His research has bridged the gap between the theory and
practical usage of program analysis, data analysis and AI to evaluate the
design and implementation of software for high assurance and security.
Many of his research has been successfully commercialized. By now, he has
more than 500 publications in top tier conferences and journals, and 25
best paper awards and one most influence system award in top software
engineering conferences. He is also leading several major research centers
including CRPO, Trustworthy AI in NTU (TAICeN) and CREATE center with ICL
on medical device security. He has received a number of prestigious awards
including MSRA Fellowship, TRF Fellowship, Nanyang Assistant Professor,
Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship, Nanyang Research Award, ACM Distinguished
Speaker, NRF Investigatorship and NTU Innovator (Entrepreneurship) Award.