Design and Deployment of AI-powered Internet of Things Systems for Smart Health

Speaker: Dr. Xiaomin Ouyang
         Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Title:   "Design and Deployment of AI-powered Internet of Things
          Systems for Smart Health"

Date:    Monday; 4 March 2024

Time:    4:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue:   Lecture Theater F
         (Leung Yat Sing Lecture Theater), near lift 25/26


Nowadays Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices are all around our
daily lives, offering the capabilities of in-situ sensing and networked
computing across connected devices. Moreover, the breakthroughs of machine
learning have enabled an emerging class of new AIpowered mobile health
systems, which hold the promise of transforming today's reactive
healthcare practice to proactive, personalized, and seamless care and
well-being. However, challenges arise when implementing these systems for
real-world healthcare applications. In this talk, I will first introduce
the design and deployment of an end-to-end Alzheimer's Disease (AD)
monitoring system that integrates multi-modal sensors and federated
learning algorithms for detecting multidimensional digital biomarkers in
natural living environments. Such a system offers a new platform for early
AD diagnosis and personalized intervention. I will then introduce how we
address real-world challenges to advance AI in practical IoT systems, such
as imperfect IoT data, limited resources, scalability, and run-time system


Xiaomin Ouyang is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering of UCLA, working with Prof. Mani
Srivastava. She obtained her Ph.D. degree from The Chinese University of
Hong Kong in 2023, advised by Prof. Guoliang Xing and Prof. Jianwei Huang.
Her research interest is building AI-powered mobile and IoT systems, with
a primary focus on developing efficient machine learning and sensing
systems for smart health applications. She also has extensive experience
in deploying real-world IoT systems for monitoring digital biomarkers of
Alzheimer's Disease in a clinical trial. Her work has been published at
top venues in mobile and IoT systems, including ACM MobiCom, MobiSys, and
SenSys. She received ACM MobiSys 2023 Best Paper Award, ACM SIGBED China
Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, Best Presentation Award at ACM
MobiSys 2023 Rising Stars Forum, and was named one of EECS Rising Stars in