Secure Runtime Programmable Networked Systems

Speaker: Mr. Jiarong Xing
         Rice University

Title:  "Secure Runtime Programmable Networked Systems"

Date:   Monday, 26 February 2024

Time:   10:00am - 11:00am

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Meeting ID: 966 8851 6988
Passcode: 202425


Networked systems have become foundational infrastructure for modern life.
However, with diversifying applications and workloads, today's systems are
facing new challenges in security, manageability, and performance. My work
builds upon advances in network programmability, which provides exciting
opportunities for novel systems design. In this talk, I will first
describe my work in architecting security protection into the network
infrastructure, transforming it into a defense backbone. This leverages
programmable network devices to perform per-packet inspection and
real-time defense at hardware speeds. I will then describe my work in
elevating static, compile-time programmability to runtime reconfiguration
of network devices without downtime. Runtime programmability opens up new
possibilities for runtime change management and performance optimization.
Taken together, my work significantly increases the security,
manageability, and performance of next-generation networked systems.


Jiarong Xing is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science at
Rice University, advised by Ang Chen. His work spans security, systems,
and networking, with a focus on enhancing the security and performance of
networked systems, by leveraging and improving programmable hardware
devices. His research has been published in USENIX Security, NSDI,
SIGCOMM, Mobicom, SOSP, ASPLOS, and MLSys, and led to real-world
implementations and deployments by Nvidia and Bytedance. He has received
the Google PhD Fellowship in Systems and Networking (2022), as well as a
Distinguished Paper Award in USENIX Security (2023).