Co-op Program - Information for Employers


The Co-op Program strengthens students' industrial experience before graduation by allowing students to complete an industrial project that resembles a Final Year Project (FYP) in a company under the supervision of an Industrial Supervisor from the company and an Academic Supervisor from HKUST while undergoing a 5-month internship at the company. Upon successful completion of the Co-op Program, the student meets both Industrial Experience and FYP graduation requirements.

Background of Final Year Projects

Final Year Projects (FYP) aim to provide an opportunity for students to apply and integrate the knowledge acquired throughout their undergraduate studies. The projects also aim to develop the capabilities of students in analyzing and solving complex and possibly real-case problem and to develop the skills of students in the systematic development, documentation and presentation of a significant piece of work.


  • The Co-op program MUST be at least 5-month long. It can take place in either the Fall semester (e.g. September to January of the following year) or the Spring semester (e.g. February to June). The exact start and end dates are to be discussed and agreed between the company and the student.
  • Students are expected to work full time in the company during Co-op. They may take Leave from Study during the Co-op period.
  • Students are not encouraged to defer their graduation because of the participation in the Co-op program. They should plan in advance and consult with their advisor(s) on their plan of study and credit overloading so as to complete the degree program within the normal duration of study.
  • Final year and penultimate year undergraduate students in COMP, COSC, DSCT, COGBM programs are eligible to apply for the program.


To the Co-op Company:

  • A Co-op company will benefit from a cost-effective intellectual investigation of new/on-going projects
  • A Co-op company will be able to select long-term full-time interns and potential future employees from a pool of capable students


Of the Co-op Company:

  • Identify and propose an Industrial Project that resembles a Final Year Project
  • Identify a member of staff with appropriate background to serve as the Industrial Supervisor of the Co-op student. The Industrial Supervisor is expected to sit on the assessment panel together with the Academic Supervisor and another HKUST faculty member at the student's Final Presentation to be scheduled during the last week of the Co-op
  • Evaluate the student's work performance by completing the Supervisor Feedback Form at the end of the Co-op


Dr. Kenneth Wai Ting LEUNG
Department of Computer Science and Engineering