Best FYP/FYT Video Award

Starting from 2014-15 academic year, the CSE department sets up a new "Best FYP/FYT Video" award.

FYP/FYT students are invited to direct and produce a story-telling video about your FYP/FYT. It may tell your challenges and joys during FYP/FYT. It may record your hard coding work during midnight. It may show the proud demo of your final results, and much more.

The department will have a judging committee to vote for the award. No specific quota on the number of awards.

The winning team(s) will receive:

  • A cash prize of HKD1,000 per team.
  • A "Best FYP/FYT video" certificate for each member of the winning team.
  • The video will be the showcase of our department, and possibly be broadcasted on various occasions, i.e. department channel (department website, YouTube), undergraduate information day, and etc.

More on FYP/FYT video:

  • It's on voluntary basis, and will not be marked or contribute to your final FYP/FYT grade.
  • Online submission deadline (for 2021-2022): 2 June 2022 (Thursday), 11:59pm.
  • Suggested video length is within 5 minutes.
  • The narration (if any) should be in English. The subtitles (if any) can be in English or Bilingual (English and Chinese).
  • We're looking for videos that tell good stories with impact to future technologies. You fully decide the contents and format of the video. Don't constrain yourself to a video that simply record your FYP/FYT demo.
  • "Best FYP" and "Best FYP/FYT video" are not necessarily related.
  • You can either work on top of your poster video (make it less technical and storytelling) or create a whole new video for submission.

Criteria used to choose the Best FYP/FYT video:

  • Technical aspects of the project
  • Attractiveness and completeness of the story line
  • Good video quality and presentation of the project
  • Speech and narration - quality of English
  • Pleasantness and appropriateness of the background music
  • Synchronization of the audio, video, and text

Further inquires, please contact the FYP/FYT coordinator.

List of Best FYP/FYT Video Award / Best FYP Demo Award (only applicable to Year 2022-2023)

Year 2022-2023

The Best FYP/FYT Video Award has been cancelled in 2022-23 and replaced with the Best FYP Demo Award. The awardees of the 2 Best FYP Demo Awards are:

2022-2023 CK2
Project Code: 2022-2023 CK2
NeRF-RPN: A general framework for object detection in NeRFs

Members: HU Benran (COSC), HUANG Junkai (COSC), LIU Yichen (COSC)
Advisor: Chi-Keung TANG (cktang)
Category: Vision and Graphics

2022-2023 DESCECI1
Project Code: 2022-2023 DESCECI1
MAGMA: Web-based Grade Management System for Measuring the Attainment Level of Learning Outcomes

Members: CHIU Chi Shing (CPEG), CHUI Man Yin Edward (COMP), LAM Sing Yu (COMP), TSANG Pui Kin (COMP)
Advisors: Desmond TSOI (desmond), Cecia CHAN (kccecia)
Category: Software Technology

Year 2021-2022

The 4 Best FYP/FYT Video Awardees are:

2021-2022 DES1
Project Code: 2021-2022 DES1
Cnails - Cloud-based IDE tailor-made for UST CSE courses

Members: CHIN Tian You (COMP), WONG Yan Ho (COMP), YEUNG Man Lung Ken (COGBM)
Advisor: Desmond TSOI (desmond)
Category: Software Technology

2021-2022 DIP1
Project Code: 2021-2022 DIP1
VaxPass: Decentralized Two-Tier Verifiable Blockchain Platform for COVID-19 Certificate Verification

Members: TIAN Xiangan (COMP), WU Lijia (COMP), WU Yijian (COMP)
Advisor: Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS (dipapado)
Category: Computer Security

2021-2022 DY1
Project Code: 2021-2022 DY1
Metals Spot Price Prediction System

Members: CHENG Chun Hong (COMP), TAM Wui Wo (COGBM), TSE Ching (COMP), YEUNG Tsz Ching (CPGBM)
Advisor: Dit-Yan YEUNG (dyyeung)
Category: Artificial Intelligence

2021-2022 GCH3
Project Code: 2021-2022 GCH3
PreDyctor: A Multi-Model Dysgraphia Prescreening Framework

Members: NIE Fei (COMP), ZHAO Yankun (COMP), ZHAO Yizhe (COSC), ZHOU Xinrui (COGBM)
Advisor: Gary CHAN (gchan)
Category: Artificial Intelligence

Year 2020-2021

The 6 Best FYP/FYT Video Awardees are:

2020-2021 CSB1
Project Code: 2020-2021 CSB1
Driving Assistant Application

Members: CHAN Wai Sing (COMP), LAM Wai Man (CPEG)
Advisor: Brahim BENSAOU (csbb)
Category: Mobile Applications

2020-2021 DY2
Project Code: 2020-2021 DY2
Masked Facial Recognition Access Control System

Members: PRAKASH Ananya (CPEG), RASTOGI Tanya (COMP), SADHNANI Darshna Girish (CPEG)
Advisor: Dit-Yan YEUNG (dyyeung)
Category: Artificial Intelligence

2020-2021 GCH1
Project Code: 2020-2021 GCH1
WiFi Sensing and Bus Queue Analysis for a Smart Campus

Members: CHENG Hiu Yan (DSCT), HO Ting Fung (DSCT), LEUNG Sze Chun (DSCT), YU Chun Hoi (DSCT)
Advisor: Gary CHAN (gchan)
Category: Mobile and Wireless Computing

2020-2021 KWT3
Project Code: 2020-2021 KWT3
Country-Life VR Game Using Unity, Oculus Rift and a DIY Balance Plate Controller

Members: CHEUNG Ka Kit (CPEG), WONG Chun Hei (CPEG), YAU Ho Man (CPEG), YUEN Ho Hin (CPEG)
Advisor: Kenneth LEUNG (kwtleung)
Category: Computer Games

2020-2021 LIXGCH1
Project Code: 2020-2021 LIXGCH1
Smart Parking Lot with Real-time Space Monitoring

Members: CHENG Ka Kit (COMP), LEUNG Yat Fung (COMP), LI Wai Sum (CPEG), WONG Man On (COMP)
Advisors: Cindy LI (lixin), Gary CHAN (gchan)
Category: Embedded Systems and Software

2020-2021 WEI1
Project Code: 2020-2021 WEI1
Secure and Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning System with Intel SGX

Members: PUYANG Huancheng (COMP), XIA Junzhe (COSC), YANG Baichen (COMP)
Advisor: Wei WANG (weiwa)
Category: Operating Systems

Year 2019-2020

The 5 Best FYP/FYT Video Awardees are:

2019-2020 CSB1
Project Code: 2019-2020 CSB1
Low cost modular home monitoring infrastructure using Raspberry PI and Arduino

Members: CHU Cheuk Kiu, LEE Pan Yin, LEUNG Lai Yung
Advisor: Brahim BENSAOU (csbb)
Category: Embedded Systems and Software

2019-2020 DES2
Project Code: 2019-2020 DES2
ZINC - Online Assignment Submission & Automatic Grader System

Members: CHEUNG Daniel, CHUN Hiu Sang, MAK Ching Hang, WONG Yuk Chun
Advisor: Desmond TSOI (desmond)
Category: Software Technology

2019-2020 DES4
Project Code: 2019-2020 DES4
Microsurgery Mobile VR Simulation Platform

Members: LAM Yun Tin, NG Tik Sang, QUADER Rubaiyat, WONG Chak Long
Advisor: Desmond TSOI (desmond)
Category: Miscellaneous

2019-2020 MA3
Project Code: 2019-2020 MA3
An Android App for Cantonese Lipreading Using the LipNet Technology

Members: CHAN Yi De Edith, HO Siu Fan, LIN Yihe
Advisor: Brian MAK (mak)
Category: Human Language Technology

2019-2020 NGOK1
Project Code: 2019-2020 NGOK1
A HKUST Restaurant Recommendation System

Members: CHUNG King Tung, LIN Xufeng, WU Chong Yu
Advisor: Alex Ngok LAM (lamngok)
Category: Mobile Applications

Year 2018-2019

The 5 Best FYP/FYT Video Awardees are:

2018-2019 CECIDES1
Project Code: 2018-2019 CECIDES1
Wanderer - Multiplayer VR Game Development with Leap Motion

Members: CHAN Hiu Tung, CHOW Ka Chun, LAU Kwun Pong, TAM Tung Man
Advisors: Cecia CHAN (kccecia), Desmond TSOI (desmond)
Category: N/A

2018-2019 GCH2
Project Code: 2018-2019 GCH2
HKUST Path Advisor 2.0

Members: CHAN Yan Yi, CHAN Yat Hin, CHEUNG Wai Ping Katherine, TSUI Wing Keung
Advisor: Gary CHAN (gchan)
Category: Mobile and Wireless Computing

2018-2019 MA2
Project Code: 2018-2019 MA2
MISSY - A Children-focused Digital Personal Assistant

Members: CHAN Chi Hin, CHEUNG Wing Kei, HO Cheng Kiu, WONG Nga Man Almen
Advisor: Brian MAK (mak)
Category: Artificial Intelligence

2018-2019 NGOK2
Project Code: 2018-2019 NGOK2
OtherSide - An Augmented Reality Mobile Online Role Playing Game to Promote Using the HKUST Library

Members: LAI Shiu Fung, MA Kin Lam, WONG Pui Yee
Advisor: Alex Ngok LAM (lamngok)
Category: Mobile Applications

2018-2019 YIKE3
Project Code: 2018-2019 YIKE3
LOKI: Game Design with Unity Engine

Members: WANG Yuhui, ZHUANG Yibin
Advisor: Ke YI (yike)
Category: Computer Games

Year 2017-2018

The 3 Best FYP/FYT Video Awardees are:

2017-2018 HO3
Project Code: 2017-2018 HO3
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at UST Adventure Game

Members: KO Ming Tung Antonio, KWOK Pui Shan, TSE Shing Yan
Advisor: Andrew HORNER (horner)
Category: Computer Games

2017-2018 HUADL1
Project Code: 2017-2018 HUADL1
BitExTract: Interactive Visualization for Extracting Bitcoin Exchange Intelligence

Members: DU Xinnan, YU Zheqing, ZHU Xinyu
Advisors: Huamin QU (huamin), Dik-Lun LEE (dlee)
Category: Miscellaneous

2017-2018 KWT2
Project Code: 2017-2018 KWT2
Trespassers: A Haunted House VR Game App with Multi-Dimensional Interaction for Android Smartphones with Google Cardboard

Members: CHAN Man Yee, LUI Ka Kit, TSANG Cheuk Ling, TSANG Pak Kin
Advisor: Kenneth LEUNG (kwtleung)
Category: Vision and Graphics

Year 2016-2017

The 5 Best FYP/FYT Video Awardees are:

2016-2017 DES2
Project Code: 2016-2017 DES2
Virtual Reality Game Development using Unity and Leap Motion

Members: LEE Chun On, SIN Wing Lam, WONG Chun Yin
Advisor: Desmond TSOI (desmond)
Category: Computer Games

2016-2017 DES4
Project Code: 2016-2017 DES4

Members: CHIU Tsz Tsun, CHOY Ka Wai Jocelyn, LO Leong Cheung, NG Kai Hong
Advisor: Desmond TSOI (desmond)
Category: Mobile Applications

2016-2017 DL4
Project Code: 2016-2017 DL4
News Summarization System for Easy Understanding and Exploration

Members: LAU Yat Fei, LI Chi Chun
Advisor: Dik-Lun LEE (dlee)
Category: Software Technology

2016-2017 RAYW2
Project Code: 2016-2017 RAYW2
Automatic Parking Space Allocation and Indoor Parking Lot Navigation System with Beacon

Members: MOOLTHAM Man Keung, O Pui Wai, TSUI Ka Po
Advisor: Raymond WONG (raywong)
Category: Database

2016-2017 TA1
Project Code: 2016-2017 TA1
ToGather - An Android App to help like-minded Hongkongers gather together to enjoy cool grass-roots events

Members: FONG Ka Tat, HUI Sui Ho, KONG Ching Yi, OR Ka Wai
Advisor: Chiew-Lan TAI (taicl)
Category: Mobile Applications

Year 2015-2016

The 4 Best FYP/FYT Video Awardees are:

2015-2016 HO4
Project Code: 2015-2016 HO4
UMix - A Mobile Application of Music Production Tool

Members: AU Chun Ming, LAI Chi Kin Benjamin, NG Cheuk Ming
Advisor: Andrew HORNER (horner)
Category: Miscellaneous

2015-2016 LIX2
Project Code: 2015-2016 LIX2
CodeBook - an iOS Mobile App to Teach Children Basic Scratch Programming Skills and Concepts

Members: CHAU Wing In, CHO Kiu Fung, LAU Wai Kuen, WONG Lai Hong
Advisor: Cindy LI (lixin)
Category: Mobile Applications

2015-2016 QUAN1
Project Code: 2015-2016 QUAN1
Automated Data Collecting System for Computer Vision Using UAVs and Smartphones

Members: DENG Hanyu, LEUNG Yiu Lun
Advisor: Long QUAN (quan)
Category: Vision and Graphics

2015-2016 RO3
Project Code: 2015-2016 RO3
"The Dark Falls", A First Person 3D RPG

Members: CHAN Hin Yiu, FUNG Ho Long, HON Cheuk Hang, LEUNG Bryan Chun Yan
Advisor: David ROSSITER (rossiter)
Category: Computer Games

Year 2014-2015

The 3 Best FYP/FYT Video Awardees are:

2014-2015 HO1
Project Code: 2014-2015 HO1
UST Escape - A 2D Role-playing Adventure Mobile Game on Android

Members: CHUNG Chun Cheung, HON Wing Man, LEUNG Chin Pong, LEUNG Wai Man
Advisor: Andrew HORNER (horner)
Category: Computer Games

2014-2015 PAN4
Project Code: 2014-2015 PAN4
Presentation Tools with Gesture Recognition and Augmented Reality

Members: CHOW Yan Kit, SZETO Sai Kit, WONG Ka Chi, YIP Hong Ip
Advisor: Pan HUI (panhui)
Category: Mobile and Wireless Computing

2014-2015 PSAN1
Project Code: 2014-2015 PSAN1
AirTennis - A Web-based Mobile Motion Controlled Console Game

Members: NG Ngai Sing, SIU Wa Chiu, TUNG Matthew Tin-Lok
Advisor: Pedro SANDER (psander)
Category: Computer Games