FYP/FYT Posters

Each FYP/FYT group is required to produce a poster for the project/thesis. The posters must follow a specific format.


The posters are intended to provide an overview of your project/thesis to non-specialists of various kinds on different occasions. They will be used in Open-House presentations, and may also be displayed in one of several display cases in the Laboratory hallways.

FYP/FYT Poster Display FYP/FYT Poster Display
FYP/FYT Poster Display
FYP/FYT Poster Display

Poster Layout

There are three sections in the poster layout:

  1. The logos(s) are placed in the upper-left and upper-right corners of the board. The logos have a standard format and size, and are provided.

  2. The title sheet (43.5cm x 8cm) includes the project/thesis title, the names of the group members, and the names of the supervisors. The title sheet has three parts:
    1. The title in 24pt (or slightly larger) upper- and lower-case letters.
    2. The students' names, on at most two lines below the title, are in 18pt upper- and lower-case letters.
    3. The supervisors' names, on one line below the students' names, are in 18pt upper- and lower-case letters.
  3. The information sheets (three pages in A4 size) contain the content of the poster. You should design your information layout according to the following guidelines:
    1. The introductory paragraphs should be in a larger typeface than you use in a detailed descriptive section. The typeface should be readable at a distance of two to three meters (while the smallest type you use may be readable at distance of only one meter). Generally speaking, keep in mind that the larger and bolder your presentation, the more enticing it will be to the people seeing it at a distance. The real challenge, then, after you have attracted attention to your poster, is to provide enough interesting and readable details for someone who wants to learn more. One compromise might be to have some parts that are packed with useful information and are typeset in a smaller font. Don't forget, however, that important results should be big enough for reading at a reasonable distance!
    2. You should try to use paragraphs with centered titles, such as "Overview", and "Results" in 18pt upper- and lower-case boldface letters.
    3. Make effective use of titles for paragraphs, figures and other material. Use a typeface that is readable at two to three meters (boldface helps) for the major part of the titles (for visibility) and regular type for details.
    4. A multicolumn format usually improves readability by reducing line length and allowing for more text structuring.
    5. Figures (including diagrams, charts, graphs and schematics) are a good way to communicate interesting ideas.

Poster File Format and Submission

All FYP/FYT posters will be collected online for batch printing by the Media Technology and Publishing Center (MTPC).

Each FYP/FYT group should use the provided Poster template on Microsoft Powerpoint to start your poster.

Please use True Type Fonts in your PPTX file. Each group is required to submit the poster file in PDF format. Also make sure the converted PDF Page Size is 76 x 51 cm (around 29.92 x 20.08 in).

To convert the FYP/FYT Poster from Powerpoint format into PDF, simply saving the file as PDF. After finish, you can upload it via the FYP Management System after logging in.

See the FYP/FYT Poster Gallery.

Please note:

  1. Please submit .pdf file only.
  2. Any group member may upload the poster file for their group, but the system will only keep the most recently uploaded file. Older versions will be replaced by the newly uploaded file.
  3. Uploaded files cannot be deleted.
  4. Students may download their uploaded file for checking.