Final Year Thesis Oral Defenses (2023-24)

Spring 2024

Date & Time Venue Candidate Project Code Advisor 2nd Reader Title
08 Apr 2024, Mon (13:30-14:10) Rm5501 WANG Ruida CK4 cktang cqf DragVideo: Interactive Drag-style Video Editing
25 Apr 2024, Thu (13:45-14:25) Rm5560 TSE Wai Chung LZ3 lzhang longchen Data Augmentation with Diffusion Model
26 Apr 2024, Fri (13:45-14:25) Rm5560 ZHENG Tianshi LZ2 lzhang junxianh PokerEval: Investigating the Decision Optimality and Theory-of-Mind Capabilities of Large Language Models as Poker Agents
26 Apr 2024, Fri (15:00-15:40) Rm5506 TSUI Hok Wai DY1 dyyeung lzhang Encoder-Decoder based Time Series Anomaly Prediction
27 Apr 2024, Sat (10:40-11:20) Rm3494 LUO Yicong LP1 parreaux charlesz Generalized Algebraic Data Types for MLscript
27 Apr 2024, Sat (11:30-12:10) Rm3494 AU Heung Tung LP2 parreaux sjs Tuple-Set Constraints and Ambiguous Constraint Solving in MLscript
29 Apr 2024, Mon (11:00-11:40) Rm5560 GAO Zhimeng SCH1 scheng arya On Single Source Shortest Journey Problem in Temporal Graphs
29 Apr 2024, Mon (14:00-14:40) Rm4472 GUO Bingcan MXJ1 mxj desmond MUTutor: An LLM-based Support Tool for Teaching Assistants with Continuous Feedback in Asynchronous Q&A
29 Apr 2024, Mon (15:00-15:40) Rm5501 WANG Yucheng DAN1 danxu longchen Talking Head Video Diffusion Generation
01 May 2024, Wed (10:00-10:40) Rm3494 XU Baixuan SYQ4 yqsong longchen Multi-modal Shopping Intention Distillation from Large Vision-language Models for E-commerce Purchase Understanding
02 May 2024, Thu (14:00-14:40) Rm5506 XIAO Hanyu JA1 jamesk danxu Data Augmentation with Diffusion Model
02 May 2024, Thu (14:30-15:10) Rm5510 HAU Yiu Tong XZ1[2022-23] zxf raywong Data Poisoning Attacks to Graph Metrics Under Local Differential Privacy
02 May 2024, Thu (16:00-16:40) Rm4475 HE Jiayou AG1 goharshady yike Parameterized Pointer Analysis
02 May 2024, Thu (16:45-17:25) Rm4475 SHU Tian YIKE1 yike goharshady Greedy R2T: Approximate Truncation under User-level Differential Privacy
03 May 2024, Fri (09:00-09:40) Rm4504 DING Wenxuan SYQ6 yqsong junxianh IntentionQA: A Benchmark for Evaluating Purchase Intention Understanding Abilities of Large Language Models in E-commerce
03 May 2024, Fri (10:00-10:40) Rm4472 SHI Haochen SYQ2 yqsong junxianh BrainASER
03 May 2024, Fri (09:45-10:25) Rm6602 LI Kin Fung GCH3 gchan eesling Event-triggered Estimation: Observability, Identifiability and Parameter Learning
03 May 2024, Fri (10:30-11:10) Rm2611 HU Chenxi MA3 mak gchan Multi-Modal Speech Emotion Recognition
03 May 2024, Fri (11:15-11:55) Rm2611 XIA Zhiqiu GCH2 gchan mak Elevator, Escalator or Neither? Estimating Pedestrian Conveyor State Using Inertial Navigation System
03 May 2024, Fri (14:00-14:40) Rm4472 NGUYEN Kha Nhat Long AG2 goharshady sjs Verify Private Pyramid Scheme
03 May 2024, Fri (14:00-14:40) Rm5501 LI Yijia SC3 scc danxu Distilling Large Language Models for Software Engineering Tasks with Boostrap Instructing

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