Internship Opportunities



As one type of optional co-curricular activities, internships provide great opportunities to enhance the classroom learning of our undergraduate students by letting them gain full-time off-campus working experience relevant to the computing profession during or outside the university term time. By working as interns, students can develop interest in a particular application sector and specialize in it. The experience may also help to increase the chances of employment after graduation.


Depending on the duration, there are different types of full-time internship:

  • Summer internship (2-3 months)
  • Winter internship (1 month)
  • Half-year internship (6-8 months)
  • One-year internship (12-15 months)

While summer and winter internships are held outside the university term time, longer-term internships such as half-year and one-year internships, sometimes called placements, are taken during the term time and hence require approval for leave from study.

Most companies offering one-year internships only recruit penultimate year students who have completed all except the final year of study.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply knowledge, techniques, skills and tools learned from the Program to a variety of tasks relevant to the computer science and engineering profession;
  2. Recognize the operation and requirement of real-life business, leading to understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities;
  3. Develop effective interpersonal and teamwork skills;
  4. Develop problem-solving skills for a wide range of computer science and engineering problems by taking into consideration various real-life constraints;
  5. Recognize the need for lifelong learning and continuing professional development.

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