Alex Ngok LAM

Alex Ngok LAM 林岳

PhD in Computer Engineering, McGill University


Alex Ngok LAM
Tel: (852) 2358 6986
Office: Room 3548
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Alex Ngok LAM

(852) 2358 6986



Room 3548

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Research Area

Networking and Computer Systems

Research Interests

Computer systems networking and telecommunications; Communication and internet policy; Computer networking; Distributed computing; Interconnection networks


Alex LAM received his post secondary education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (through secondary six early admission scheme), the University of California, and the McGill University. He also spent one undergraduate semester at the Computer Science Department of the Yale University. While at the University of California he was being supported by the DARPA studentship, and he was supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) studentship while at the McGill University. His primary research interest is concerned with the design of a speical kind of overlay network known as the Service Overlay Network (SON). It is well known that the Internet is unable to provide meaningful end-to-end Quality of Service guarantees (QoS) because of its decentralized nature. The Service Overlay Network is a proposed solution to this E2E QoS provisioning problem. With its special structure, the Service Overlay Network is able to provide reliable end-to-end QoS support on top of the Internet infrastructure without violating the Internet's canonical architecture. Alex LAM's primary research interests are the economic design of a SON network and the optimal pricing of the SON services.