Unlocking Your Career Potential: Mastering CV Writing for Internships, Graduate Jobs, and PhD Applications

Speaker: Ms. Michelle MAN
         Communication Tutor
         Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Title:  "Unlocking Your Career Potential: Mastering CV Writing for
         Internships, Graduate Jobs, and PhD Applications"

Date:   Monday, 11 September 2023

Time:   4:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue:  Lecture Theater F
        (Leung Yat Sing Lecture Theater)
        near lift 25/26, HKUST


Attention, aspiring Computer Science MPhil and PhD students! Are you eager
to pave the way for exciting internships, graduate jobs, and PhD
opportunities? Join our CV Writing Workshop, led by Michelle Man, the PG
Communication Tutor at the CSE Department. In today's competitive
landscape, a well-crafted curriculum vitae (CV) serves as your passport to
success. This workshop is tailored specifically for ambitious Computer
Science researchers like you, providing the essential knowledge and
practical skills needed to create CVs that captivate employers for
internships/graduate jobs and prestigious PhD applications alike.

About Michelle Man:

Michelle Man, an experienced professional with a corporate background and
a wealth of management experience, understands the intricacies of the job
market. Her extensive network across various industries allows her to
provide tailored advice on CV/resume writing that aligns with the
expectations of different employers. Additionally, she has organized
numerous PhD student sharing workshops for other departments at HKUST and
has helped hundreds of students with personal statements and CV polishing.
Please contact her for individual help on CV and other CT help.

More information can be found via the link: https://cse.hkust.edu.hk/ct/

Our workshop will empower you to:

1. Understand the evolving expectations and trends in CV writing for
internships, graduate jobs, and PhD applications.

2. Highlight your research contributions, technical skills, and academic
achievements in a compelling and concise manner.

3. Tailor your CV to effectively showcase your unique strengths and align
with the specific requirements of internships, graduate jobs, and PhD

4. Learn storytelling techniques to create a narrative that reflects your
academic journey, research impact, and future aspirations.

5. Gain insights into successful strategies for presenting your
publications, conference contributions, and open-source projects.

6. A chance to book a consultation to receive personalized feedback and
guidance from Michelle Man to refine your CV and enhance your professional

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the gateway to your future success!
Join us at the CV Writing Workshop and embark on a transformative journey
that will shape your academic and professional trajectory. Craft your path
with confidence and seize the opportunities that await you.