FYP/FYT Deadlines at a Glance

CSE FYP/FYT (2024-2025)

Event Deadline / Period
Proposal Report 2024-09-13 (Friday), 11:59pm
Individual Ethics Essay 2024-10-18 (Friday), 11:59pm
Monthly Report for October 2024-10-31 (Thursday), 11:59pm
Monthly Report for November 2024-11-30 (Saturday), 11:59pm
Monthly Report for December/January 2025-01-15 (Wednesday), 11:59pm
Progress Report 2025-02-14 (Friday), 11:59pm
Final Report 2025-04-18 (Friday), 11:59pm
Self-Assessment Report 2025-04-18 (Friday), 11:59pm
Program Code 2025-04-24 (Thursday), 11:59pm
Video Trailer 2025-05-08 (Thursday), 11:59pm
Oral Presentation 2025-04-26 (Saturday) to 2025-05-03 (Saturday)
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