MS PowerPoint Tips

A good PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentation can help you communicate better, but it can also be a distraction. Here are some suggestions worth considering.

PowerPoint Secrets

Here are some useful suggestions from this three minute video:

  • Keep the text large and simple; no more than three or four lines of text in a slide
  • One picture is worth a thousand words, go and hunt for them on Google images
  • Keep those slides moving; the more you change them, the more the interest of the audience will be held
  • Let the images tell your story

How to Bore People To Death With Your PowerPoint

Here are things that this four minute video mentions that are good to avoid:

  • Put every word you're going to say on your PowerPoint slide
  • Don't check your spelling
  • Use too many bullet points so your key points will not stand out
  • Use bad color schemes
  • Use too many slides
  • Use too much data
  • Use animations and/or pointless motion that distracts from your message
  • Use distracting fonts

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