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Are you looking for a job? The Job Hunter's Bible, JobStar and the Purdue OWL are three excellent resources for you!

Job Hunter's Bible provides very practical advice on finding jobs. It is written and maintained solely by Dick Bolles, a trainer of career counselors and coaches. READ THIS FIRST to save lots of time and frustration in your overall job search! Included on the website are the following articles:

Job Hunter's Bible

ResumeGiants Resume Builder

Resume Giants is a resume builder specifically designed for university students. It’s completely free, and it includes professionally-designed templates and expert guidance.

ResumeGiants' Career Blog

ResumeGiants' Career Blog offers you tips to help you shape your job search, advice on how to make your resume stand out and the latest trends in the job market.


JobStar is a website that was developed and updated from 1996 to 2011 and has good sample résumés & cover letters for various types of jobs. The samples are free to download and modify, which can help you save time in the writing process (which is just part of the entire job search process - see Two Ways to Hunt for a Job).


Novoresume is a website that offers a well-researched and free guide to writing a resume

Resume Coach

Resume Coach is a website that provides step-by-step coaching and expert tips and real examples for writing a resume in three steps.

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