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Some people say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a good video can be like a thousand pictures. Starting from the 2019-20 academic year, the CSE Department requires each FYP group and each FYT student to produce a short video to introduce and summarize their project or thesis. (This is to replace the previous poster requirement.) The video should be around three minutes long and in mp4 format.
(Note: COMP 4910 co-op students need to make a poster instead.)


Notes and Suggestions

  • Basically, the video is like a movie trailer. It should explain what your FYP or FYT is about, highlight the important elements and possibly provide motivation for viewers to learn more.
  • It can also be used at the beginning of your oral presentaton to introduce your concept or thesis
  • You have a lot of freedom to produce a video according to your own style and preferences and project type.
  • You are free to be creative and tell a story if you like.
  • Start early - maybe in January or February - to plan out your script and begin to capture video footage or capture screen views of your project in action.
  • Tell about cool things you did in your FYP/FYT. This may include creative ideas, special applicaiton of your software engineering skills, your challenges or your joys during the FYP/FYT. It may record your hard coding work during midnight. It may show the proud demo of your final results, and much more. Be creative. Brainstorm.
  • Watch some previous FYP/FYT videos, especially some that were selected as the best ones.
  • Use a good microphone and a quiet place to record the audio.
  • If possible, be taking photos and/or video clips of your project development so people can visualize what you did.
  • According to your type of project, capture videos with a camera or screen capturing software. Still shots can be good too; pick the best ones.
  • Use a video production tool like Powtoon, Animaker, Vyond, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro, OfficeMix, iMovie or MS Movie Maker.
  • Make your video before the oral presentation, so you can use it during the presentation (if you advisor thinks that it's a good idea).

Best Video Contest

  • If you want to enter this video or another video in the Best FYP/FYT video contest, see Best FYP/FYT Video Award.
  • You are not required to enter this contest.
  • The CSE FYP judging committee will vote for the best videos.
  • Cash prizes and certificates wil be awarded.

Other information

  • The project advisor does not grade the video trailer.
  • The second reader's grade for the video trailer is 5% of his/her entire grade:
    - Half of the grade is based on clarity and presentation
    - Half of the grade is based on the information conveyed

  • For further inquires, please contact the FYP/FYT coordinator, Dr. Pan HUI.

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