Game FYP Tips

Game FYPs usually require a lot of hard work. If you plan and execute well, you can get a good grade on your FYP. In fact, the #1 winning FYP in 2008-2009 was a game! (See the image to the right.)

For your reports, you will want to follow the FYP proposal guidelines closely for your proposal, progress report and final report. Also, it is important to seek the help of your communication tutor for your grammar and organization.  The second reader will probably be marking partially based on how closely your reports follow the FYP proposal guidelines. For fairness, probably only one second reader will be assigned to all the game FYPs (usually about 10 each year.)

Steam Chaos RPG Action Game

Special Tips for Game FYPs




Thanks to Professor Andrew Horner for most of the helpful thoughts on this page.

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