3. Discussion

In your Final Report you need a Discussion section. In this section you interpret your results based on your own opinions and experience. Thus, it is more subjective (主觀的) than the evaluation section. In your discussion section you can mention what you were satisfied with and what you feel you could have done better (hopefully more of the former.) For the latter, don't be afraid to be honest. Nobody's perfect. Some of the best lessons of life are learned from our mistakes and/or failures.

Usually, it's best to organize your discussion logically and based on your data and your readers' interests, so try to imagine you are a second reader with limited knowledge about this project. Some possible questions to ask yourself are:

You might want to write a paragraph or two for each aspect, starting with the most important one or perhaps the one you are most confident about. For most projects, the most certain part is the test data, so a common outline is:

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