Self-assessment Report

Every student who is part of an FYP group with 2-4 members must submit a self-assessment report on the same day he/she submits his/her final report.


  1. Download the Blank Self Assessment Report Form.
  2. Fill in the details of the report form.
    • Personal details
    • Personal meeting attendance - total number and the percentage
    • Personal work contribution - what major system development (design, implementation and testing) tasks you participated in and what your percentage of contribution was in each task.
    • Personal contribution for documentation - what you did to help prepare meeting minutes and various group reports (proposal, monthly, progress, final reports)
    • Team evaluation - the overall percentage contribution to the project by each team member (including yourself). This is your opinion, and it should include some justification, whether it is a little or a lot. You can refer to the Division of Work in your Project Planning.
  3. Save the form as a new document
  4. Upload it to the FYP Management System before the deadline.


  1. Lateness in sumission of the self-assessment report will probably affect your final report grade.
  2. For the team evaluation, try to be kind, polite and positive in the comments about others, but honest about the percentages.
  3. The main purpose of this report is to help the graders assign grades, but it is also a good opportunity for each team member to think critically and communicate professionally on a sensitive topic.
  4. This report should also be motivational throughout the project to promote hard work, good communication and teamwork. Thus, it is not a bad idea to remind each other early on about this report that is due at the end. Hopefully, this will motivate any free riders at the beginning to do their share of the work. (For more information, see Dealing with Free Riders.

Warning: When self-assessment reports are submitted, free riders will no longer enjoy a free ride. (To avoid this scenario, see Dealing with Free Riders)

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