Dr David Rossiter
  • Dr David Rossiter
  • Associate Professor in Engineering Education
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
    Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Email:
  • Office: Room 3554


Some awards/honours I have received.

  • 2017 Michael G Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching
Masters Degree Level
  • 2016 Best Instructor for the Masters Degree in Information Technology
  • 2014 Best Instructor for the Masters Degree in Information Technology
  • 2012 Best Instructor for the Masters Degree in Information Technology
  • 2008 Best Instructor for the Masters Degree in Information Technology
  • 2003 Best Instructor 2001-2003 for the Masters Degree in Technology Management
Undergraduate Level
  • 2020 School of Engineering Teaching Excellence - Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 2016 School of Engineering Teaching Excellence - Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 2014 One of the Best 10 Lecturers*
  • 2012 School of Engineering Teaching Excellence
  • 2009 School of Engineering Teaching Excellence - Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 2005 School of Engineering Teaching Excellence
  • 2000 School of Engineering Teaching Excellence
  • 1998 School of Engineering Teaching Excellence
Other Teaching Related
  • 2016 Great Minds of UST**
  • 2007 Excellence in Teaching Innovation
  • 2005 Outstanding Continuous Learning and Improvement (CLI) Sub-Project Award for the 2002-2005 Triennium***
  • 2002 Excellence in Teaching Innovation
  • (2001 Named best mentor by HKUST top student award recipient)
Not Teaching Related
  • 1993 EuroGraphics UK Conference Prize for best paper and presentation
  • 1991 York University UK Best Masters Degree in Music Technology

* This award is the result of a student election organised by VERTEX, the House II Students Association
** This is the result of student nominations across the University for 10 positions
*** 3 prizes awarded out of 46 eligible teaching sub-projects


This page does not include individual projects (see MPhil/PhD students, MSc students projects and UG student projects) or final year projects (see FYP projects).


Course Code

Course Name, Experience


via Coursera.org


HTML, CSS & JavaScript
Offered each month by the Coursera system, Sept 2015-Nov 2017

Proposed, designed and created


(previously CSIT511)

Multimedia Development
(Multimedia Application Development)
Taught each year 2004-2016

Proposed, designed and created


(previously CSIT540)

Computer Graphics
Co-taught each year 2007-2017

Course coordinator of up to 5 faculty

Masters MTM***


Internet Principles and Computing
Taught 2002-2005

Designed and created



Introduction to Computing with Excel VBA
Taught 2011 onwards

Designed and created


(previously COMP300F)

Introduction to Computer Science
Taught Fall 2009 onwards

Designed and created


(previously COMP303)

Internet Computing
Taught 1999-2010

Proposed, designed and created


(previously COMP343)

Multimedia Computing
Taught 1999-2010
After re-design: 2016 onwards

Designed and created
In Spring 2015, totally re-designed and re-created



Human-Computer Interaction
Taught 1996-1999

Re-designed and created



Unix Environment and Programming
Taught 1996-1997



C/C++ Programming
Taught Fall 1998



Computer Fundamentals
Taught 1997-1998



Unix System Administration
(Christmas 1996)



Academic and Professional Development
Each semester Fall 1999-Spring 2000

High school

SENG05/ ENGG1001E)

Internet Game Development for Beginners
(Exploring Internet Multimedia)
Taught each summer since 2011

Proposed, designed and created

High school

EMB Gifted Student Project

Image Processing
Taught 2007-08

Proposed, designed and created

High school


Exploring Internet Multimedia
Taught Summer 2005, Summer 2006

Proposed, designed and created

High school


Image Processing for Tsunamis/
Browser Game Programming
Taught 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08

Proposed, designed and created
  • Key:
    • * MOOC = Massive Open Online Courses
    • ** MSc(IT) = Master of Science Degree in Information Technology
    • *** MTM = Masters Degree in Technology Management (this program was offered by HKUST 2012-2015)
    • **** UG = Undergraduate courses

PhD/MPhil Students

2014 MPhil Oz Lam Cantonese Tone Recognition Using the Hilbert-Huang Transform, thesis here
2012 PhD Gibson Lam Extending the Web Services Architecture (WSA) for Video Streaming, thesis here
2011 MPhil Li Chenfeng An Investigation into the Use of Very Cheap Audio Equipment as a Method of Real-time 3D Sound Source Localization, thesis here
2009 MPhil Ma Yao Financial Market Predictions using Web Mining Approaches, thesis here
2006 MPhil Raymond Tsang Tempo Extraction using the Discrete Wavelet Transform, thesis here


  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript - MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) course. As of August 2016, total learners: 100,000+, total course completers: 10,000+. This course was the first in a series comprising a 'Full Stack Web Development Specialization'. This was the overview video.
  • Dis Play is a project proposed for the HKUST 25 Years Anniversary '25 Projects' Initiative. The main web site, with details and promotional video, is here.
  • Program and Courses Outcomes System (PACOS) is a free, open source web-based system to assist with OBE (Outcome Based Education) design. It was designed to be used by a department of a university or similar institution as a centralized web system for the members of the department to access and amend the course-outcome mappings of program(s) offered by the department.
  • NanoGong - voice recording/playback applet with variable speed, fully integrated into Moodle versions 1 and 2
  • Gong - language learning voice recording forum system
  • Interactive learning objects for Computer Science. For this we also developed the SASSLO system as an open source project, released at http://sasslo.sourceforge.net
  • Image processing - Interactive Flash programs for understanding the representation and processing of digital images
  • IFSS - Image Forensics Search System, released as open source project at http://ifss.sourceforge.net
  • WIMP - image processing in a 3D environment using the Nintendo Wii game system controller (called the Wiimote)


This book is a companion for COMP1021 Introduction to Computer Science.

Python book version 1 Interactive Python Programming for Beginners, First Edition, by Gibson Lam and David Rossiter, McGraw-Hill, 2016, 295 pages

This book is a companion for COMP1022Q Introduction to Computing with Excel VBA.

More details, including table of contents, example programs and solutions to questions are available here.

Excel book version 3 Excel and Excel VBA Programming for Beginners, Third Edition, by David Rossiter and Gibson Lam, McGraw-Hill, 2014, 323 pages, ISBN 978-981-4627-10-8
Excel book version 2 Excel and Excel VBA Programming for Beginners, Second Edition, by David Rossiter and Gibson Lam, McGraw-Hill, 2013, 288 pages, ISBN 978-1-259-07081-5
Excel book version 1 Excel and Excel VBA Programming for Beginners, First Edition, by David Rossiter and Gibson Lam, McGraw-Hill, 2012, 255 pages, ISBN 978-1-259-01233-4

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc(IT)) Individual Student Projects

These are student projects I have individually worked with as part of the Masters degree in Information Technology. Reports and other files such as videos are included.

  • VR Car Parking Practice, high quality video (290Mb), medium quality video (61Mb), report, By Airy Tsen-Jung TAI
  • Financial Time Series Analysis of Stock Data by Shengnan YU, report here
  • Mobile Ticket Checking System Based on Android NFC by LI Zhe, report here
  • Talkative Agent by CAO Chen, report here
  • Chatfer, an App to Connect Universities' Students Together by Joergen Fosseng DULEY, report here, YouTube/ video
  • Software Development Life Cycle by Yan Ting Wong Tiky, report here
  • VR Personal Webpage by Zhang Yue, report here, video here
  • Suspended mobile platform by Julien THOMPSON, report here, video playlist here
  • Enhancement Control and Management Tools for a website by WANG Ruoxi, Jack, report here, web site Chinese version, web site English version
  • VR Mobile Shooter by Toygar Onbay, report here, video file here, apk file here
  • Cantonese Hero by Toygar Onbay, report here, YouTube video here, video file here, apk file here
  • A Website for Story Collection - Bookbranch Web by Ruoxi WANG, report here
  • iBand Version 2.0 - Music Visualization on Mobile Devices by Churan DENG, Charis, report here, YouTube video here, code here
  • A Real-Time Data Analyzing System by JIAN Xun, report here, code here / here
  • An Online Data Analysis Tool to Explore World Bank Data by LIU Yufan, report here/ here, video here, code here
  • Twitter Emotion Analysis by Marc Lamberti, report here/ here
  • A Survey of Big Data Architectures for Handling Massive Data by Jordy Domingos, report here
  • Real Estate Prediction by Marc Lamberti, report here, code here
  • Basketball Tournament Prediction by Jordy Domingos, report here
  • Economic Path Calculator Based on HK Real-Time Traffic Condition, by Xinyi Huang, YouTube here, report here
  • Implementation of snake and its artificial intelligence, by Li Zhi, video file here, YouTube here, report here, project here
  • Sprite Battle Game, by Jiefeng Huang, video file here, YouTube video here, report here
  • Emulator for Flexible Display Devices, by Lee Hin Yu Kevin, video file here, YouTube video here, report here, code here
  • Hot Topic Data Analysis & Identification System, by Xu Yunlong, video file here, YouTube here, report here
  • Recovery of Blurred Portrait Photograph, by Zhou Zilin, video file here, YouTube here, report here
  • A Space-Specific Classroom Microphone System
  • Integrated Vehicle Health Management for Passenger Automobility, by Jitesh Surendar Chhabria, report here, video here, YouTube here
  • Image Recognition System for Recycling Sorting, by Chen Xutong, report here, YouTube here, video file here
  • Multimedia Web Application Development of HTML 5 Music Game, by Lau Yan Yan, report here
  • Real-Time Body Tracking of a Teacher for Automatic Dimming of Overlapping Screen Areas for a Large Display Device being used for Teaching, by Zhai Yifan, report here, YouTube here, video file here
  • Poster Generator for Kindergarten Children, by Xue Jingran, Jennifer, report here, video here
  • Google Maps Integrated with HKUST, by Zou Lincen, report here, project here
  • Dynamic SVG Comic, by Cheng Xu, report here, video here, project here (use Chrome)
  • Teaching Physics Using 'Angry Bird' Elements, by Li Renhao, report here, project here
  • Musical Instrument App on Mobile Devices, by Qian Li, report here, video: YouTube/ YouKu/ Tudou/ local, source code here
  • Foot Type Measurement System Using Image Processing, by Xu Chang, report here, video
  • Firefox Extension Color Distance Between Client and Server, by Hong Shuhua, report here, installation video here, operation video here, Firefox extension here
  • Tree Mapping Based App Access System for iOS Platform, by Wang Xiao, report here, video here, YouTube here
  • Video Gallery Visualization Based on HTML 5, by Zhao Yue, report here, demo here (large files; must use Chrome), video
  • Webcam Based Image Control System, by Kong Fanyu, report here, video here
  • Visualization of E-Wardrobe, by Xu Chang, report here, video here
  • Physical Modeling System for Generating Fireworks, by Wang Xiao, report here, video here, YouTube here
  • Video Indexing, by Zhou Zigan, report here
  • Sonification of the Document Object Model (DOM), by Xie Ning, report here, examples here
  • A Comparison of Mean Absolute Error (MAE) Based Image Search for Hexagonally and Regularly Structured Pixel Data, by Liu Sijing, report here
  • Android Based Mobile Gaming Based on Web Page Content Imagery, by Tu Qiang, report here
  • Real-time Multiplayer Facebook Game, by Penny Yip, report here
  • Content Based Image Retrieval, by Xie Ning, report here
  • Graphical Lindenmeyer Systems Extensions including Animation, by Zhang Lingzhang, web site here
  • Cooperative Music Composition Platform, by Luo Hong, report here
  • HKUST Academic Building Electronic Map, by Zhao Xianrong, report here
  • 3D Wii Manipulation of Photos (WIMP), by Leo Tsui, web site here
  • Practical Advertisement Detection in Video, by Du Jiaen, report here

Undergraduate (UG) Independent Student Projects

These are individual undergraduate student projects I have supervised, often for students taking Computer Science, but also students from other schools such as Marketing, Business, Mechanics and so on.

  • Combining Regression Price Channels and Directional Indicator for Unleveraged MeaReversion Strategy in Forex by SHAH, Arya Rajesh here
  • Dynamic Linear Regression Channels with Aroon Indicator for Long-only FX MeaReversion Trading Strategy by BAS, Raphael Arimado here
  • Prediction of Stock Prices Using Time-Frequency Analysis and Convolutional Neural Networks by Muhammad Umer Farooq here
  • Leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence in Trading Strategy Creation and Analysis on NASDAQ Composite Index by Wilson Thiesman here
  • Triangular Arbitrage on Binance with Real Data Stream by LEUNG Cheuk Hei David here
  • Forecasting Volatility of Bitcoin by Applying GARCH and LSTM to Improve Momentum Trading Performance by Yun Kit CHAN here
  • Using LSTM Extracted Feature for Trading Strategy Construction by HUANG Luyi here
  • Forecasting Stock Prices and Constructing an Optimal Portfolio using Prophet: A Comparative Analysis Against Benchmark Indices by Asif KHAN here
  • Multiple Model-based Binary Classification for Forex Trading by LEUNG Cheuk Hei Victor here
  • Predicting Cointegration using Neural Network and Fundamental Ratios in Statistical Arbitrage by Yun Kit CHAN here
  • Development of a Data Inputting Web Application for a Youtube Clothing Items Information Service by HAN Kihoon
  • News-cycle Based Trading Strategy Based on Google Trends by MANGLA Aditya Vikram here
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Digital Avatars by PANG, Lok Chi here
  • Popularity-based Trading Strategy from Reddit Posts by NGAN Ka Chai, Huey report
  • Investigation of the Elliott Wave Oscillator Trading Strategies in the Stock Market by LEE Sangha report
  • Optimizing the Risk-Return Ratio of a Portfolio using Modern Portfolio Theory and LSTM Forecasting Model for Trading in the Stock Market by NOH Sang Hyun Kevin report
  • Using Generative Deep Learning Models to Create NFT Artwork by MORSI Mohamed Sobhy report
  • Using Sentiment Analysis with a Neural Network to Predict Stock Prices by CHAN, Tsz Ming
  • The Viability of Trading Tesla, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin by Analyzing Elon Musk's Tweets by JAIN, Teerth report
  • Trading Bitcoin using On-Chain Data by KANG, Eun Seok report
  • Optimization of Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) trading strategy on Trading Foreign Exchange by CHRISTANTO, Nicholas report
  • Analysis and Optimization of Relative Strength Index (RSI) Related Trading Strategies in The Foreign Exchange Market by THIEN, Zhong Vei report
  • Development and Analysis of Three Stage Filtering Strategy using MACD and Stochastics for Trading in the Stock Market by NOH, Sang Hyun report
  • The Development of a Trading Strategy, Using the Influence of COVID-19 on FANG+ Companies by NATARAJAN Siddarth Jayakumar report
  • Analysis of Trading with Harmonic Patterns in US Stock, Forex, and Crypto Market by MO Ka Lok report
  • Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Assess Whether a Country's Currency can Predict the Movement of their Respective Stock Market Index by Tara RELAN report
  • Using Credit Rating for Stock Price Prediction with the Use of Machine Learning by Jacob (Jun Seong) WOO report
  • LSTM Neural Network for Trading Cryptocurrencies by Ng Yuk Pan Brandon report
  • Refined Hammer Line Trading Strategy by WANG Ruida report
  • Determining the Effectiveness of Ichimoku Cloud Strategy in Cryptocurrency by BYUN Woo Jung report
  • Natural Language Processing for Stock Investing by TSE Hoi Chun Jaden
  • Designing Shorting Strategies with Benford's Law by Sedrick Scott Keh report
  • Applying Reinforcement Learning on Automated Cryptocurrency Trading by CHONG Cheuk Hei report
  • The relationship between stock price volatility and trading volume by MAK Chun Kit
  • Fibonacci Retracement Trading Strategy and Backtesting by Clarissa Gunawan report
  • Enhanced Passive Investing - Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio with Forex Strategies by Chih-yu LEE report
  • Pairs Trading Strategy by NG Tik Sang report
  • Momentum Strategy Enhancement with Machine Learning - Sector-based Random Forest Application by WONG Jia Yeung Leo report, with accompanying Introductory Backtesting Notes for Quantitative Trading Strategies report, GitHub here
  • Applications of the RSD Test in Stock Price Analysis by WANG Si Yuan Aaron report
  • A Study To Determine Objective Trading Signals From Simple Moving Averages Using An Innovative Strategy by PANG Pak Long Ethan, report
  • Trading Strategy with Exchange Rate of USD against CNY(RMB) by LEUNG Cheuk Ho
  • Momentum Trading in Hong Kong Stock Market by KWOK Tsz Hong Anson, report
  • The Mayer Multiple - A Study of a Potential Economic Bubble Indicator by Marleeka Keyala Brokie Makpolo here
  • Short-term trading strategy using filtered share buyback signal by Amanda GUITO, report
  • Statistical Arbitrage with Kalman Filter and Cluster-based Stock Selection by Alex CHAN, report
  • Multi-Label Video Classification with QRNN and DenseNet, by Isaac TO, report
  • Optimization of Bollinger Bands on Trading Common Stock Market Indices, report, By CHUI Man Chun Martin
  • An Apartment Booking System, by Alexandra Preuss, report
  • An Attempt at Large-Scale Multi-Label Youtube Video Classification Using the QRNN Architecture, by Ismael GOULANI, report
  • Development and Analysis of a Trading Strategy on ETFs Using Multiple Technical Indicators, by Yu Chieh CHENG, report
  • Evaluating Analysts US Market Short Sell Recommendations, report, By Marleeka Keyala Brodie Makpolo
  • Reddit Bot Classifier, by Brian Norlander, report, code/ code, visualizations (may take a very long time to load): post subreddit, post title chart, comment subreddit visualization, comment text chart - this one is ~257Mb
  • Development and Analysis of Trading Strategies Using William %R, Momentum, RSI, Directional Movement Index, and Rate of Change, by Shih-Yang LIU, report, Appendix here
  • Can Donald Trump's Tweets be used for Trading? Trading with Sentiment Analysis on tweets from @realDonaldTrump, by Asfandyar Khan JADOON, report
  • Large-Scale Multi-Label Video Classification Using QRNNs, by Isaac TO, report
  • Investigation of a Trading Strategy Using The Day of The Week and the Weather, by Lik Choi LEE, report here
  • MIDI Projection Visualization, by Hong Wing PANG, report here, video
  • Stock Price Analysis System Through Customized Pattern Shape, by Fiona LIU Xinzhu, report here
  • Machine Status Monitoring with Camera and OCR, by Cheng LIU, report here, YouTube/ video
  • HKUST Laundry Room Machine Monitoring System, by TANG Kai Man, report here, YouTube/ video
  • IoT on Campus Project, by ZHONG Zixuan, report here, YouTube/ video
  • Building a Lunch Meetup App for Students, by Benson NG, report here, YouTube/ video
  • China Equity Market Analysis System, by Tina LI Meiyi, report here
  • Prediction of the movement of Nikkei 225 Index based on Japanese Yen-USD currency price, by 'Shiv' Sivaraam MUTHUKUMAR, report here
  • Development and analysis of a trading algorithm using candlestick patterns, by 'Shiv' Sivaraam MUTHUKUMAR, report here
  • Fundamental Factor Model Research for the Chinese Equity Market, by Tina LI Meiyi, report here
  • Raspberry Pi System For Detecting Machine Status, by Fiona LIU Xinzhu, report here, video
  • Website Construction and Data Analysis for Real-time Display of Machine Status, by Cynthia LI Mengyuan, report here
  • Analysis of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) Stocks with Variables Relating to Closing Price, by Rebecca ISJWARA, report here
  • Device sharing solution for better utilization of mobile displays - video storyboard, by ZiWon KIM, report here, storyboard here
  • DisPlay: Mitigating Heavy-duty Networking Latency and Error through Cross-platform Multithreaded Channel Coding and Media Compression, by Kenta IWASAKI, report here
  • A Smart Display System - Meta Display Implementation, by Jeffry WICAKSANA, report here, YouTube here
  • Web Scraping Websites with Python for Database Construction, by Kevin HALIM, report here
  • Low-Cost Air Pollution and Radiation Monitoring Network for Disaster Prevention, by Gracia MONICA, report here
  • Web and Hardware Development for a Network of Smoke and Radiation Detectors, by Felicia AGATHA, report here
  • Large Scale Early Warning System for Deadly Environmental Elements, by Mika ARESDHAYANA and Jenny HUANG, report here (ENGG2990G)
  • Multi-Device Web Applications Suite for API-less Online Services, by Ku Chun Kit, report here, HKUST break-in web site here, HKUST room booking web site here
  • Investigation into Full-Stack JavaScript as a Web Server, by Melkar Muallem, report here
  • Audio via Bluetooth Implementation on a Raspberry Pi, by Humphrey Dupont, report here
  • Mobile Social Application with Community-Based Content Rating and Sorting Algorithm, by Ku Chun Kit, report here, web site here
  • A New Mobile Phone Search Engine Interface, by Felix Lau, report here
  • I also supervised 3 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) students, 2007 and 2010

Final Year Project (FYP) and Final Year Thesis (FYT) Student Projects

Here is a list of the final year projects (mostly group projects) and final year theses (single person work) I have supervised for students taking the undergraduate degree in Computer Science and the undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering.

(10 students)
  • Predicting the Cryptocurrency Market: A Multimodal Approach
  • Utilizing Large Language Models for News Based Event-Driven Trading
  • Web-based System for Automated Trading using Sentiment Analysis
  • (CO-OP) Efficient Image Processing for License Plate Recognition
(13 students)
  • Evaluating the Performance of Machine Learning Based Portfolio Management in the Cryptocurrency and U.S Stock Market
  • Using Machine Learning to Trade Cryptocurrencies
  • Optimizing the Transformer Model Architecture for Trading in Equity and FX, report here, 3 minute video here, presentation slides here
  • (CO-OP) Rearchitecting a Developer-oriented Work Tracking System with Reliable Automation
(6 students)
  • Personalized Algo-trading Using Deep Learning & Machine Learning Models, report here, presentation slides here
  • Derivatives for Cryptocurrencies and Machine Learning Pricing (1 CSE + 3 IEDA)
  • (CO-OP) Constructing a Comprehensive Veterinary Clinic Management System, with WebApp and Mobile App Interface
(10 students)
  • Using Machine Learning and Algorithmic Trading to Beat the U.S. Stock Market Index by Chih-yu LEE and Matthew Johann Siy UY, report here, 3 minute video here
  • Web-based Platform for Simulated Financial Trading using Technical Analysis Optimized by Genetic Algorithm
  • Financial Stock Trading Advisor Using Machine Learning on Technical Indicators, 3 minute video here
  • Final Year Thesis (FYT) - Long Term Investing with Dynamic Hedging using a combination of Stocks and Options by Gin yui Tsang Erik, report here, presentation slides here, presentation video here, 3 minute video here, blog here, YouTube channel here, GitHub real-time trading engine here
(9 students)
  • Intelligent Financial Trading Platform - Customizable Machine Learning Predictions and Automated Trading Strategies using IFTTT Methodology, report here, 3 minute video here
  • Analysis and Prediction App System For Stock Prices
  • New Trading Strategies Inspired from Harmonic and Elliot Wave Trading Strategies
(15 students)
  • A System for Comparative Analysis of Different Stock Prediction Methodologies for Beginner Investors, report here, presentation file here, poster here, (presentation - requires UST login here)
  • Real-time Cryptocurrency Trading Suggestion System Using Machine Learning report here, presentation file here, poster here, (presentation - requires UST login here)
  • System for Trading Strategies - Portfolio Buddy
  • Stock Price Prediction App using Machine Learning Models Optimized by Evolution report here, presentation file here, poster here, (presentation - requires UST login here)
(14 students)
  • Optimal Investment Strategy Using Scalable Machine Learning and Data Analytics for Small-cap Stocks report here, presentation file here, presentation video here, poster here
  • A Web Application for Predicting Forex Rates and Stock Prices report here, presentation file here, presentation video here, poster here
  • Investment Management and Prediction System using past data and Sentiment Analysis
  • Hong Kong Days
  • Adoption Management System
(6 students)
  • Final year thesis (FYT) - Business Lead Qualification by Online Information Scraping, report here
  • Agora - a Decentralized Crowd-curated Discussion Platform, presentation video here
  • On-demand, For-pay and Crowd-based Local Language Translation and Interpretation via Text Messaging and Interpreting via Video
(13 students)
  • An SVG Editor for Interactive Web Content
  • Code Learning App
  • Music display system
  • 'The Dark Falls', A First Person 3D RPG, game video, presentation video
(9 students)
  • Puzzle and action RPG Game for mobile devices
  • Side-Scrolling Video Game
  • Wearable Computing Based on Voice Control
  • Customizable Surround Sound with Raspberry Pi
(5 students)
  • Final year thesis (FYT) - Multi-stage Human-computer Interaction for Command Refining on an Intelligent Personal Assistant, report here
  • Location-based Panoramas of HKUST (jointly supervised with Prof. Lam)
  • Hong Kong Traffic Guide (Application for Android)
  • Social networking application
(14 students)
  • 'Battle Fury' Multiplayer Game, presentation video here
  • Stock Data Market Analysis System, presentation video here
  • Location-based Panoramas
  • Geo-Social Network - An Android App
  • A Football Website
  • Hong Kong Nightlife Advisor
(10 students)
  • Gold Market Prediction Using Web Mining
  • Audio Forensics System
  • Stock Market Prediction using Web Mining
  • Social Investment Forecasting Using Web Mining, report here, presentation video here
(7 students)
  • 'WebTop' Integrated Cloud Computing System
  • I-secretary: Online Personal Task Manager
  • Hong Kong Stock Market Prediction Using Web Mining
  • Acoustic noise study of Hong Kong (visiting student from Spain)
(6 students)
  • Intelligent System for Web Application Optimisation
  • 3D game using the wiimote for motion tracking
  • Multiplayer Game System
(10 students)
  • Networked Real-Time 3D Mutiplayer Game
  • Web search system for pirate software
  • Shared video tagging with object recognition for web 2.0 video objects
(7 students)
  • TinySVG Game for Mobile Phones - 2 groups
  • Forensic search system for images
  • Music search system
(8 students)
  • Flash client for the Gong system
  • Feng Shui Design and Analysis System, web site here
  • Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System
(12 students)
  • Feng Shui Design and Analysis System
  • Networked Game
  • Forensic search system for illegal images
  • MMORPG 3D Networked Game
(26 students)
  • Isometric Internet Game
  • Internet games for mobile phones using XML Based languages - 2 groups
  • Movie Generation for English Language Learning - 2 groups
  • Forensic analysis of digital images
  • Perlin noise animated image texture synthesis - 2 groups
  • Voice board client server system
(14 students)
  • Virtual Computer Training for CLP Power
  • Extending Gong into a real-time web based conferencing system
  • Extending Gong for interactive online lectures
  • Enhancements to Gong, a real time web based communication system
  • Extending Gong into real-time interactive educational software
(6 students)
  • Sketch - The Design and Implementation of an XML based GUI programming language
  • Design and Implementation of GPRS Video Transmission
(10 students)
  • Real-Time Internet-Based Audio Language Learning System
  • Design and Implementation of an Advanced Game Engine for Real-Time Internet-Based Gaming
  • Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Video With ICQ Interfacing
(5 students)
  • Conversion of multimedia data for WAP devices
  • Local file access and editing via WAP devices

Student Achievements

Some awards for students projects I have supervised.

  • 2018 USEL ASM Pacific Technology Silver Award, 'IoT Campus - Laundry Monitoring System' (3 student group project)
  • 2017-18 Best Computer Science Final Year Project, 'Optimal Investment Strategy Using Scalable Machine Learning and Data Analytics for Small-cap Stock's (3 student group project)
  • 2017 Microsoft Imagine Cup, Final stage, 'Chatfer, an App to Connect Universities' Students Together' (2 student group project)
  • 2015-16 Best Computer Science Final Year Project Video, 'The Dark Falls, A First Person 3D RPG', (4 student group project)
  • 2015-16 President's Cup semi-finalists, for 'Large Scale Early Warning System for Deadly Environmental Elements'
  • 2014-15 President's Cup Gold Award, for 'Real-time Display of Machine Status'
    • By LIU Xinzhu (EEGBM), DUAN Yangyang (BCB), LIU Yuchen (ECE), CHEN Zhiyu (QFIN), KAO I-hsuan (PHYS), CUI Yunpeng (ECOF), and LI Mengyuan (CIVL)
    • All team members were second year students across a great range of disciplines
    • 28 teams entered this competition, mostly final year projects
    • report, poster, YouTube video
  • 2013-14 President's Cup Silver Award, for 'Multi-stage Human-Computer Interaction for Command Refining on an Intelligent Personal Assistant'
    • Final year student doing a 1 person Final Year Thesis (FYT)
    • 21 teams entered this competition
    • report, poster
  • 2008 Best ITEPC project Honourable Mention - Browser Game Programming
  • 2007 Best ITEPC project - Browser Game Programming
  • 2006-07 Best FYP - Feng Shui Design and Analysis System (web site here)
  • 2005-06 Best FYP - MMORPG Networked Game: Ready? Online 3
  • 2004-05 Honorable mention - Forensic Analysis of Digital Images
  • 2005 Best ITEPC project - Image processing for tsunamis

Other Noteworthy Items

Courses I have developed not mentioned elsewhere

  • Modules for the Masters Degree in Information Technology with Internet Applications - Multimedia Technology course, 2004. For the Open University of Hong Kong
  • Diploma in Multimedia Design Course, 2002. Syllabus design and final project assessment, for Eedvision/ College of Life-Long Learning
  • Advanced Internet Multimedia professional course, 2001. Mixed on-line and traditional delivery. Designed and created for Advanced Diploma in New Internet Technologies, Eedvision/ College of Life-Long Learning
  • Overview of Web Site Design and Development, 1997. For Government IT personnel, 1 day course. Via Cyberspace Centre, HKUST

Other Items of interest

  • External Examiner for courses at the Lingnan Community College, 2012 onwards
  • External Examiner for courses at the Lingnan Institute of Further Education, 2013 onwards
  • Expert witness in a legal case concerning the forensic analysis of audio, 2010
  • Internal thesis examiner for ~35 theses defences, 2000-2013
  • Review committee for Journal of Audio Engineering Society, 2007-2014
  • Review committee for International Conference on Web-based Learning (ICWL), 2007-09

Research papers

  • Gibson Lam and David Rossiter, 'A Web Service Framework Supporting Multimedia Streaming', IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 400-413, July-Sept 2013
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  • 8 more publications related to the Gong project here